Hind 2000 - Screenshots
Product Info >>
  • Hind 2000 is an Email Client (like MS Outlook Express or Eudora Pro) which can let you send and receive emails in three languages: English, Hindi and Gujarati!

  • For more information, view the Hind 2000 - Product Review.
Main Screen >>

  • The main Hind 2000 screen has a simple layout with graphical toolbars, basic mail folders (Inbox / Outbox / Sent Mails), one-click buttons for normal mail functions like 'Reply to Author' & 'Forward' and a mail preview window. Right-click functions are available and all objects are accessible by keyboard also.
Email Screen >>

  • In the Hind 2000 Email screen, the user can type in any, or all of these languages : English, Hindi and Gujarati. Phonetic typing makes it easy for everybody to write emails. File attachments, Word Designer, mail options, address book facility etc. are all accessible from this window.
Word Designer >>

  • Most important of all, is the Word Designer tool which lets you create complex words by a simple click and select process. If you cannot type the word by spelling it out phonetically, then just start Word Designer and create it instantly.
Word Designer - Character Select >>

  • Within the Word Designer screen, you can select the letters that form the word you want to type. Almost all the letters and characters that you will ever need to type are shown in just one simple screen for easy selection.
Address Book >>

  • The Hind 2000 Address Book is a very simple Address book in which you can store the Names and Email Addresses of your regular contacts.
Printing >>

  • Hind 2000 has a simple but useful print system. Instant print preview, multiple copies and options to print mails headers are included.
Mail Processing >>

  • One of the most useful features of Hind 2000 is its background mail processing system. You can continue to work at your emails while it sends and receives emails in the background, without disturbing your work. You can set Hind 2000 to either download all the mails from your Pop3 server or only Hind 2000 mails (default).
Configuration >>

  • Modifying User details is also very easy. Changes in your password, servers names etc. can be easily made.
File Attachments >>

  • Hind 2000 can handle file attachments very well. Inbuilt features include an attachment viewer, file launcher and attachment extractor.

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