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  • All the programs freely available on this site are made in Visual Basic 6 and require VB6 Runtime Dll & Ocx files. If you get a 'Runtime DLL/OCX File error', download VB6 Runtimes.

  • Some of the files here may be zipped and you may need to download and install WinZip to extract them.
Overview >>
  • Tray Play is a very small, fast and efficient audio player which can play the following types of files:

    • Audio CD's (cda)
    • Midi (mid, midi, rmi)
    • Wave Audio (wav)
    • Mpeg Audio (mp1, mp2, mp3)
    • Windows Media Audio (wma)

  • Tray Play's icon is displayed in the system tray which can be used to select / play songs. With features like Auto-Hide, Play-On-Start, Random-Play and Non-stop Play, Tray Play turns your comptuer into a music system that plays your favourite songs on and on while you work.

  • You don't need to bother about creating playlists or loading files. Just click on a file and Tray Play will automatically hide, play that file and then continue to serially / randomly play any other files in the same folder.

  • The program occupies low system resources and is very fast to start and close. You can use keyboard shortcuts to play / stop songs, change volume etc.

  • Tray Play can also be set-up to automatically open and play the audio files when you double-click them.

Requirements >>
  • In order to run Tray Play you would need the following:

  • If you are reading this, then you probably have Win95 or above, with 16 MB RAM & 133+ Mhz CPU. Visual Basic 6 runtime files are also probably installed in your system as many applications these days, including Tray Play are developed in VB. If you have Internet Explorer 4.0 or above, then Windows Media Player 5.0 or above should be already installed in your computer.

  • If you've all of these (and there is a very high chance that you do), then you can just download the small TrayPlay.exe file and start enjoying the music.

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F A Q >>
    Q) What are the Keyboard Shortcuts that I can use with Tray Play ?

    A) You can press 'Alt' and one of the following keys for various functions:

    • Up Arrow : Show Tray Play window
    • Down Arrow: Stop current song
    • Left / Right : Play Last / Next song
    • + / - on the Numpad : Increase / Decrease Volume

    Q) What is the Tray Play icon in my System Tray for ?

    A) To open the Tray Play window, left click on the Tray Play icon. Right-click on the icon to play the next song.

    Q) What are the 'Options' like Auto-Hide, Start-On-Play etc. ?

    A) The 'Options' are as follows:

    • Auto-Hide : When selected, Tray Play automatically hides as soon as you select a song, thus behaving just like a Popup Menu.

    • Play On Start : If selected, whenever Tray Play starts, the last song which was played is played again.

    • Random Play : If selected, Tray Play plays the songs in the current folder randomly, otherwise in a sequential / alphabetical order.

    • Non-Stop Play : If selected, Tray Play continuously keeps playing the songs in the current folder, randomly or serially.

    Q) What is the 'Associate' button ?

    A) If you like Tray Play and all the audio files play well, then you may wish to 'Associate' them with Tray Play, so that whenever you double-click on an audio file, it is played using Tray Play.

    If you have more questions, send them to Tray Play Help.

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  • All the files have been scanned with anti-virus software. However you should make it a habit to always scan files downloaded from the Internet, before you run/execute them.

  • Since all the programs provided here are Freeware, we cannot be held responsible for any damage, misuse, or losses caused directly or indirectly by them.

  • However, all of our products have gone through considerable amount of end-user alpha and beta testing and have proved stable under almost all configurations.

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