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  • All the programs freely available on this site are made in Visual Basic 6 and require VB6 Runtime Dll & Ocx files. If you get a 'Runtime DLL/OCX File error', download VB6 Runtimes.

  • Some of the files here may be zipped and you may need to download and install WinZip to extract them.
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  • Chime AjooBlast lets you play your mp3 and wma music files from anywhere! Just start it in the Server mode at home, go to your work and listen to your songs in the Player mode, without downloading each file. Smallest. P2P app. Ever.

  • AjooBlast is different from Internet audio broadcasting (like Shoutcast) because you don't have to make playlists etc. You can simply browse through your music collection. It is also different from P2P apps like Kazaa, Gnutella etc. because only you and your friends can access your collection - not strangers. You can listen to a friend's music collection while they check out yours - instantly!

  • Works smoothly on dialups too! Password-protection, port-selections, and extremely secure. What more could you ask for in a no-nag, no-adware, no-spyware, fully-functional freeware?
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    Q) First of all... AjooBlast? (What, did you sneeze while you were trying to think up a name?)
    A) Pretty much. Actually, we were working on this other software called Ajooba (the successor to our beloved TrayPlay) for a very long time with not much success (read: too lazy). When we came up with a concept of AjooBlast, it sounded just like some sort of Ajooba with unicast audio features. AjooCast sounds kinda funky but AjooBlast's got a ring to it! What do you think?

    Q) Ok, how does this work?
    A) Once you download and open the file, you can run it in Server mode, Player mode, or both. In the Player mode, you enter the IP address of your friend (or home PC) where AjooBlast is running in Server mode. Then enter the port and password (case-sensitive; default: ajooblast) and click 'Connect'. That's it. Just browse and play.

    To start serving your files, click on 'Change to Server mode', add your mp3/wma/music folders, set your port & password, and hit 'Start'. You can add/remove folders while the server is running too. Give your IP address (or if you have a dynamic DNS, your hostname) to your friends and they can connect to you. Best of all, you can browse a friend's music collection while three other people are checking out yours.

    Q) Using IP address... is it really safe?
    A) Contrary to what pop-up ads tell you, giving someone your IP address doesn't really open your PC up to hackers. Your IP address is sent every time you send an email, visit a webpage, or send files over the Internet. Since AjooBlast uses an uncommon port (8800) and lets you password-protect your folders, it is pretty secure. (For the /.'ers: AjooBlast identifies and prevents directory-traversal hacks too.)

    Q) I keep getting "Unable to connect" when trying to connect to my home PC. What do I do?
    A) Your PC is most probably behind a firewall/router (hardware/software) that's blocking all port activity. You will have to set up your firewall to forward all TCP activity on port 8800 to your PC. Here is how you can forward ports on a LinkSys Router. If you are behind a company firewall, you may have to ask your network admin to enable this feature.

    Q) AjooBlast plays one song and stops. Why?
    A) If you want to play all the songs in the current folder, click on 'play all' at the top of the folder list. You can click on 'random' to shuffle through the files randomly.

    Q) But I wanna make a playlist...
    A) No can do. Kinda pointless to make playlists of songs that are not on the current PC anyway. If your friend decides to rename her music folder, all your playlists become duds. We suggest you try clicking on 'play all' or 'random'. See above.

    Q) Does AjooBlast work on LANs?
    A) Yes. All you need is the Server's local IP or Hostname. AjooBlast is an ideal solution when you have a small local network and want to share audio files but do not want to give people read/write access to your folders. Simply run AjooBlast on a PC and let users connect to it over the network.

    Q) How many people can listen to my songs at the same time?
    A) AjooBlast supports up to 10 maximum connections at the moment. Since it is not really a multicast server, 4-5 people should connect to one server at most.

    Q) What file formats work with AjooBlast?
    A) AjooBlast supports MP3 and WMA formats. Also plays WAV and ASF (audio). However since Wav audio files are really large in size, they tend to skip even on local networks.

    Q) I am behind a Proxy Server...
    A) Sorry. The current version doesn't work with Proxy servers. It does work with proxy ad-blockers like AdSubtract. Next version will work with all proxy servers.

    Q) How can I set it up to ...?
    A) Sorry. Haven't created the Settings window yet. If you want to suggest a neat feature, let us know. The next version (only if we have your support) will have some of the following features:

    • Proxy Server Connection
    • Auto startup / Silent mode
    • Extended Server Logs/Stats
    • Bookmark your Favorite Servers
    • Auto Hide / Keep window on top
    • Download Remote Files!
    • and of course... whatever you suggest.

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  • All the files have been scanned with anti-virus software. However you should make it a habit to always scan files downloaded from the Internet, before you run/execute them.

  • Since all the programs provided here are Freeware, we cannot be held responsible for any damage, misuse, or losses caused directly or indirectly by them.

  • However, all of our products have gone through considerable amount of end-user alpha and beta testing and have proved stable under almost all configurations.

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